Butterbeer Ice Cream Is Now a Reality, Thanks to Yuengling

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Butterbeer used to be a beverage that only existed in the pages of the Harry Potter book series, but over the years the frothy concoction has found its way into reality. It’s served frozen at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Hollywood, and it can be seen at your local grocery store, sans the official Harry Potter license. There are also plenty of recipes online that can help you brew your own batch. Now, though, the once-fictional beverage is coming to your freezer in the form of Butterbeer ice cream from Yuengling's Ice Cream.

According to the company’s website, the Butterbeer ice cream consists of “Butter Cream & Butterscotch Super Premium Ice Cream with a Butterscotch Swirl.” In the books, Butterbeer can provide you with a slight buzz, but there’s no booze in this dessert.

If you’re thinking the name Yuengling sounds familiar, that’s because it should. It’s run by members of the same family that established the Yuengling Brewery, though the ice cream and beer companies are completely separate. Yuengling Ice Cream president David Yuengling told The Huffington Post that the flavor came to be because, “My kids were big Harry Potter fans and we wanted to do something unique.”

Don’t worry about this ice cream disappearing before you even get your spoon ready—Yuengling’s Butterbeer ice cream is now a part of the company’s official flavor roster. If you want to know where Yuengling's Ice Cream can be found, use this handy store locator.

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