Anime Lovers Can Now Sip on Studio Ghibli-Themed Tea

Donguri Kyôwakoku
Donguri Kyôwakoku / Donguri Kyôwakoku

Planning a Hayao Miyazaki movie night? Skip the soda, and pair your popcorn with one of the themed teas below, inspired by Japanese animated fantasy films My Neighbor Totoro (1988) and Kiki’s Delivery Service (1989).

As RocketNews 24 reports, Benelic—the company behind Donguri Kyôwakoku, a Japanese retail chain that sells Studio Ghibli-branded items—teamed up with tea retailer Lupicia to create a line of loose teas that pay homage to the famous film studio. The teas come in decorative tins, with lids featuring characters Kiki, her magical cat, Jiji, and the lovable forest spirit Totoro.

Each tin contains a different tea flavor. The “Napping Totoro” container holds green tea, sourced from Sayama in Japan’s Kanto region. (Sayama is home to the Sayama Hills, which inspired the setting of My Neighbor Totoro.)

The “Jiji and Butterfly” canister features Kiki’s kitty chasing a butterfly, and comes with fruity rooibos tea. And the “Kiki and Townscape” tin depicts young witch Kiki on her broom, and is filled with black tea, with notes of strawberry and black currants.

The 1.4-ounce Studio Ghibli tea tins cost around $14 each. They'll be sold at Donguri Kyôwakoku stores across Japan beginning on April 22, and they're also currently available for preorder online.

Don’t live in Asia? You’ll have to wait to try the teas for yourself, as they're only available in Japan. In coming months, the novelty beverages may appear on international delivery sites like Global Rakuten and Japan Trend Shop.

[h/t RocketNews 24]

All photos courtesy of Donguri Kyôwakoku.