A 3-Year-Old in St. Louis Had a Poop-Themed Birthday Party

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While other 3-year-olds might request a Frozen- or a Batman-themed birthday, one tot in St. Louis is already showing a creative penchant for party planning. According to The Huffington Post, a Missouri 3-year-old named Audrey (the outlet didn’t publish her last name) asked her parents for a poop-themed birthday party. And, because these particular parents are amazing, they complied.

Luckily, the poop emoji has reached a level of popularity that made it possible to decorate tastefully. There was a poop emoji piñata filled with Hershey’s Kisses and Tootsie Rolls. There was a game of "pin the poop," wherein guests blindly pinned poop emoji icons onto a drawing of a toilet bowl. Audrey’s mother wore a poop emoji costume. There was a fudgy chocolate cake and chocolate-frosted cookies in the shape of swirly turds. (Some also had rainbow frosting and glitter sprinkles, perhaps in a nod to the infamous Squatty Potty commercial.)

When it came time to leave, Audrey’s guests each went home with a Whoopie cushion.

Somehow, the poop theme is still not as weird as the kid who wanted a CVS-themed birthday or the little girl who requested a Costco-themed party multiple years in a row. We should all be so lucky as to have such a delightful, disgusting birthday as Audrey. Head to The Huffington Post for pictures of the gastrointestinal gala.