Jenn Grabenstetter

Jenn graduated from Wake Forest University in 2005 with a degree in Political Science. Seemingly the only person in her major that had absolutely no inclination to go to law school, Jenn decided to ignore her degree altogether and jaunt off to Los Angeles for a gig as an entertainment reporter for Daily Variety. While there she made ladies room small talk with the cast of Desperate Housewives, got growled at by Gary Busey, and verified that Nicole Ritchie is roughly the same size as an 8-year old child. From there she moved to Chicago to become a fashion writer for Time Out Chicago before migrating south to North Carolina where she became as the editor of Where Charlotte and the Style Editor for Charlotte magazine and Charlotte Wedding. Now, Jenn’s gone corporate working for a big company in Washington, D.C., where she spends a majority of her free time telling anyone that will listen that she went to high school with Obama’s former bodyman, Reggie Love, and quoting obscurely from The West Wing.

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