Dan Lewis

The First Song Played On Mars
The Hidden Reference to The Beatles in Old Macs
The Strangest 'America's Most Wanted' Capture
Australia's Bubble Gum Pink Lake
The Village in Kazakhstan That Can't Stay Awake
The Strange Effect 9/11 Had on the Whale Population
Scrambled Fighters: The American Jets Sent Off to Fight World War III
Harry Potter and the Hidden Tribute to the Young Girl
Texas’s Last Last Meal: Why Death Row Inmates in Texas Don’t Get to Pick Their Last Meals
The Strangest Soccer Match Ever Played
12 Amazing Facts from the New Book 'Now I Know'
Thomas Edison Drove the Film Industry to California
The U.S. Military's Idiotic Idea for a Gay Bomb
The U.S. Army's Plans for WWII Bat Bombs
Unlawful Knowledge: How Innocent People Know Details of a Crime
The World's Shortest War
Operation Migration: Saving the Whooping Crane
NYPD's Color of the Day
How to Get Past A Lock
Project Peacock: How the British Wanted to Heat WWII Mines
Sleeping Beauty Syndrome: The Disorder Where You Sleep All Day
The Foot Powder That Ran for Mayor (and Won!)
Carrots Were Originally Purple
That Time the U.S. and Britain Nearly Went to War Over a Pig
The 1927 U.S. Plan to Invade Canada
The Nazi Bomb That Looked Like Chocolate
In 1960 a Retired Postal Worker Almost Killed JFK
Ice Capades: Skating Across the Netherlands
The Geopolitical Babushka Doll
Determining Migratory Patterns of Early Humans — With Earwax!
The Last Five Members of the Akuntsu Tribe
Surrounded by Death on Snake Island
Getting High Off Someone Else's Blood
The Strangest Soccer Match Ever Played
The President's Secret New York City Train Station
The Truth About McHotDogs
The Missing Person Living in Savannah
Miranda Piker and the Chocolate Factory
Type Cast: The Japanese Fascination with Blood Types
The Palladium Credit Card
The 23rd Headquarters Special Troops: The Phantom Menace
Who Is Allen Smithee?
These Aren't Your Grandparents' Bananas
How the Allies Used Germany's Serial Numbers Against Them
Abraham Lincoln Created the Secret Service the Day He Was Shot
The Taman Shud Mystery


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