17 Wild Animal Superlatives

In the latest episode of The List Show, we don’t just cover the fastest and biggest animals—we’re also looking at who has the strongest schnoz and the longest leap, among other strange superlatives.
Elephants nab several superlatives.
Elephants nab several superlatives. / Manoj Shah/Stone/Getty Images

The largest land animal is the African savanna elephant, which weighs up to 7 tons and stands 13 feet tall. In addition to being the largest animal on land, the African elephant is also the strongest animal on Earth. It can lift its own sizable body weight from a lying-down position.

Cheetahs are often characterized as the speed demons of the animal kingdom. The athletic felines have been clocked at top speeds of 75 miles per hour, making them the fastest creatures on land. But the planet’s overall speed record belongs to the peregrine falcon. The birds are capable of dive-bombing their prey at speeds of over 200 miles per hour.

In this episode of The List Show, host and Mental Floss editor-in-chief Erin McCarthy goes over some of the biggest, fastest, and strongest animals in the world, along with other superlatives.

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