Apple Is Now Sending Customers Money to Settle Its $500 Million Battery Scandal

In ‘Batterygate,’ allegations of planned obsolescence have led to a cash payout for iPhone users.
Some iPhone users are getting compensation for a years-old controversy.
Some iPhone users are getting compensation for a years-old controversy. / Matt Cardy/GettyImages

In 2017, tech giant Apple had a class action lawsuit dropped in its lap courtesy of angry consumers. Users of its iPhone device charged that the company had purposely slowed down phone performance to motivate them to upgrade models.

Seven years later, those users are beginning to see restitution.

According to Lifehacker, iPhone owners who opted into the lawsuit are now receiving their cash. Social media has anecdotal reports of people getting roughly $92, up from the $25 payment that was originally estimated.

Owners of an iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus, or SE with iOS 10.2.1 or newer as well as an iPhone 7/7 Plus with iOS 11.2 or newer prior to December 2017 were eligible. Consumers of those devices were upset Apple deliberately slowed down (or “throttled”) the phone battery without disclosing it to users. The company subsequently asserted the slowdowns were to conserve ailing batteries and prevent system shutdowns.

Disgruntled users filed the class action claim in 2017, alleging the activity was a way to induce consumers to buy new model iPhones or replacement batteries. The claim was settled in 2020, though Apple did not admit any wrongdoing.

In November 2023, the last remaining appeal was dismissed, clearing the way for payments to begin. Apple is expected to remit a minimum of $310 million and a maximum of $500 million depending on how many consumers opted into the settlement.

The payout is per phone, so owners of multiple devices may see their claims add up to a decent amount of cash.

[h/t Lifehacker]