9 Terrific Rest Stops in the United States

Take a break at South Carolina's South of the Border.
Take a break at South Carolina's South of the Border. / Jeff Hutchens/GettyImages

There are dozens of truck stops that go above and beyond to support travelers while they’re on the road. As a home away from home, many destinations offer places for truck drivers to sleep, shower, and eat. Whether you’re hauling a semi-truck or simply cramming the kids into a van for some family-friendly fun, there’s a travel plaza calling your name. 

1. Johnson’s Corner // Johnstown, Colorado

When most people imagine Colorado, they picture the jagged peaks of the Rocky Mountains. But the Johnson’s Corner Travel Plaza is a striking destination on its own. Located just outside Fort Collins on I-25, it's a great pit stop for those who are preparing to make their way south to Denver or north to Wyoming. The roadside staple has been open since 1952 and offers visitors free Wi-Fi, updated reports about road conditions, live videos, and unbeatable food. This location is especially known for its “world famous cinnamon rolls.”

2. Iowa 80 // Walcott, Iowa

This truck stop—the biggest in the world—was established in 1964. It provides travelers with EV chargers, a barber shop, a chiropractor, a convenience store, a dentist, a dog washing center, a driver den for watching TV and relaxing, a 24-hour fuel center, laundry services, a gift store where truckers can grab a sturdy hood ornament to attach to the front of their vehicle, a library, a movie theater, and private showers. With 900 truck parking spots, this facility is essentially a small city. Tired travelers can find a variety of food options that range from grab-and-go fast food to homestyle cooking at the family-owned Iowa 80 kitchen

3. Dysart’s Restaurant & Truck Stop // Hermon, Maine

Maine’s most loveable travel center is the Dysart’s Restaurant & Truck Stop. The family-owned and operated fuel station has been open since 1967 and offers a fabulous respite for weary travelers and truck drivers. It features garages, showers, car and truck washes, a dump station, and plug-ins for campers. You better come hungry: The truck stop serves delicious, traditional Maine food and is internet famous for its pies “baked in a buttery, flaky crust.” 

4. Mars Cheese Castle // Kenosha, Wisconsin

Everyone knows Wisconsin is the best place to visit if you’re a cheese fan—people there are, after all, known as Cheeseheads. And you don’t necessarily have to go to an artisanal shop to gain access to a delicious block of cheddar. The Mars Cheese Castle is an iconic rest stop that’s not just a castle by name. It features triangle flags, turrets, a drawbridge, and even suits of armor. And once you’re inside, you can take advantage of the on-site taproom full of Wisconsin beer, a souvenir shop, and of course, plenty of quality cheese.

5. Czech Stop // West, Texas

The Czech Stop is as much a cultural icon as it is a convenience stop. Opened in 1983 in a city known as the “Czech Heritage Capital of Texas,” the rest stop is known for its food, particularly its Kolaches. According to a sign that’s located in the shop, workers use over 1000 pounds of cream cheese, flour, milk, butter, sausage, eggs, and American Cheese to make their tasty baked goods every week. The deli, bakery, and convenience store are vegetarian friendly.

6. Coldfoot Camp // Alaska

Coldfoot Camp is the U.S’s northernmost truckstop, located 60 miles north of the Arctic Circle. Visitors to the Alaska Brooks Range often rely on the Coldfoot Camp during hiking, rafting, fishing, and dog mushing trips. It’s home to a café, lodging, tour services, a saloon, a post office, a gear rental shop, an RV park, a general store, and a tire repair spot.

As a bonus, this truck stop is extremely scenic. During the chilly months—it's open year-round, even during the cold, dark winters—it’s one of Alaska’s best spots for viewing the Northern Lights

7. Jubitz Travel Center // Portland, Oregon

If you’re on the road and looking for a deluxe experience, the Jubitz Travel Center in Portland is place for you—it offers showers and even Jacuzzis. The travel center will also let you pamper your pets; it has a deluxe dog wash with shampoos, conditioners, and a blow dryer.

There’s plenty of space for everyone: This location features 15 acres of truck parking, with 250 free spots, too. The Jubitz Travel Center also contains a driver’s lounge, TVs, large leather chairs, a deli, Wi-Fi, a convenience store, a postal store, barbers, massages, and a 24-hour scale for truck compliance. The Cascade Grill offers enormous meals at an affordable rate. And you can hit the plaza movie theater for just $6. 

8. Pedro's Truck Stop // Dillon, South Carolina

South of the Border is an attraction in its own right. It boasts an amusement park, arcade, reptile lagoon—complete with actual alligators, and not bits of shredded tire—and plenty of delicious grub. Within that medley of roadside delights is Pedro’s Truck Stop, also known as Porky’s (the motto: “You never sausage a place”). It features diesel fuel, trucker supplies, and even a motocross gear store.

9. Little America // Little America, Wyoming

The Little America travel stop on the I-80 is an oasis in southwestern Wyoming, and a convenient respite for those heading to Yellowstone or Grand Teton National Park. This truck stop features a hotel, showers, a repair shop with an on-call mechanic, a 24-hour fuel center, a deli, a convenience store, a driver’s lounge, showers, laundry facilities, and a post office. It also contains a pet area, a trailer drop, and Wi-Fi.

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