This Top-Rated Body Balm Can Stop Chafing Before It Even Starts

Don't let some irritated skin stop you from enjoying the great outdoors.
Don't let some irritated skin stop you from enjoying the great outdoors. / BodyGlide/Amazon
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Chafing is a natural, albeit annoying, part of life—and it only gets worse during the scorching summer months, when sweat and friction combine for some uncomfortable hikes and outdoor runs. Luckily, there are ways to combat the scourge of chafing, and Amazon has one top-rated solution available for an affordable price.

BodyGlide is a $9 body balm you can apply to your shoulders, arms, thighs, feet, and chest before any sort of outdoor activity. It's designed to create a barrier on your skin, so you'll always be protected from the friction caused by your clothes or other parts of your body. It's also vegan-approved and made from allantoin, which is an extract that comes from plants like chamomile, comfrey, and sugar beet. And because the formula is moisturizing and non-greasy, you can use it as often as you want, even under clothing, wetsuits, and shoes.

Person applying BodyGlide to their shoulders while wearing a hiking backpack outdoors
BodyGlide / BodyGlide/Amazon

The brand makes other options as well, like foot, cycle, and outdoor varieties for more specific scenarios. There's even BodyGlide For Her, which has all the benefits of the original but comes with added moisturizing properties. This version has coconut and almond essential oils in addition to vitamins A, B, E, and F to keep your skin smooth and healthy. You can apply this on various areas and even works well when applied to your sports bra straps before exercising.

Check out BodyGlide balm on Amazon to stop skin irritation in its path.