‘Boy Meets World’ Gets the Horror Movie Treatment in This Hilarious Recut

Lionsgate Home Entertainment

Unless you count the horrors of adolescence, Boy Meets World isn’t meant to be frightening. The 1990s sitcom follows teenage Cory Matthews as he navigates the trials of dating, friendship, and living next door to his principal. The show is nostalgic comfort food for many fans, but in the video below, it’s presented as a chilling horror movie.

This fake trailer comes from the YouTube channel Boy Meets World Weekly. Titled “Dr. Feeny’s House of Terror,” it paints Cory’s surly neighbor as an evil killer who tortures his students. That could explain why characters like Topanga’s older sister and Mr. Turner go missing later in the show.

The editor managed to make something pretty creepy out of clips from the feel-good program. Using footage from the Halloween episode and adding a spooky soundtrack also helped to up the fear factor.

It’s surprisingly easy to re-edit fluffy content into a horror film, and the trick also works the other way around. After watching the spoof trailer below, check out this recut that reimagines The Shining (1980) as a romantic comedy.