Spot the Christmas Tree in This Festive Brainteaser

Hidden among the holly and poinsettias in this brainteaser is a single Christmas tree. If you’re looking for an activity to get in the holiday spirit, see how long it takes you to spot the spruce.
Before picking out your Christmas tree, try picking the tree out of this festive puzzle.
Before picking out your Christmas tree, try picking the tree out of this festive puzzle. / 247 Blinds

Thanks to so-called “Christmas creep,” holiday decorations fill stores before Thanksgiving turkeys have a chance to thaw. If you want your evergreen to still be green when Christmas arrives, experts recommend waiting until the first week of December to bring home your tree. For holiday fanatics that already have pine needles on the brain in November, get into the holiday spirit with the festive brainteaser below. 

Christmas holiday brainteaser.
Happy searching! / 247 Blinds

The designers at 247 Blinds and Curtains put together this tricky hidden-image puzzle ahead of the fast-approaching winter holidays. The pattern consists of flowers and greenery associated with the season, including holly leaves, spruce sprigs, and poinsettia flowers. The Christmas tree is the plant most closely tied to December, but it’s not so easy to pick out of the scene. See how long it takes you to identify the lone tree in the sea of red and green. 

The UK-based online retailer makes matching roller blinds based on every brainteaser it shares. If you want to really commit to decking the halls this year, you can purchase the festive forest pattern as a window covering from the 247 Blinds shop. Just make sure you figure out where the secret image is hiding first, or staring at it all day may make you lose your mind. 

Still stumped after a minute or two of diligent searching? You can find the solution to the puzzle in the picture at the bottom of the article. Here’s another Christmas-themed brainteaser to challenge your skills.

Solution to Christmas brainteaser.
247 Blinds