Watch What Happens When You Crack an Egg Underwater

ultramarinfoto/iStock via Getty Images

When they're not collecting important observations of marine environments, the researchers at the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences (BIOS) know how to have fun. That's evidenced by this video recently reported by Nerdist. In the clip below, a BIOS scuba diver demonstrates what happens when you crack an egg 60 feet below the ocean's surface.

BIOS originally shared this footage in 2011 as part of its "Water Moves" series. When the diver breaks open the egg, it doesn't dissolve into a gooey mess as you might expect. Instead, the pressure of the sea keeps the delicate material intact. When it drifts through the water, the strands of egg whites resemble a jellyfish's tentacles. The raw egg eventually settles into the same ovoid shape it assumed in its shell.

Like spilled liquids on the International Space Station, a raw egg under water doesn't make much of a mess. That is until one of the divers in the video smashes it between their hands, leaving streaks of yolk and whites behind for a lucky fish to find.

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