Disney's New Cruise Ship Is Offering Up a $5000 'Star Wars' Cocktail


Fans of Star Wars used to be able to stroll into a Burger King and pick up a collectible drinking glass for the price of a Coca-Cola (59 cents). But today’s thirsty enthusiast is looking at prices closer to a reliable used car.

A Star Wars-themed cocktail slated to be served on Disney’s new cruise ship The Wish comes with a price tag of $5000. Head into the Star Wars: Hyperspace Lounge and you can order a Kaiburr Crystal, which is served in a Camtono, a bounty hunter accessory container seen in The Mandalorian.

What’s in it? The company isn’t telling, likely in an attempt to drive discussion and speculation about its contents. To find out, you’ll need to order the drink or wait until someone else does in full view of social media. Consider it Jedi mind control, press relations style.

The Wish is Disney’s latest vacation getaway, with the Hyperspace Lounge designed as though it were a recreational area on a yacht-class space vessel. (Jumps to lightspeed are visible on flat screens.) The 144,000-ton Wish, which will leave Florida's Port Canaveral on July 14, caters to more than just Star Wars fans: An Ant-Man-themed dining experience and Frozen attractions are also on the menu. The starting price for a three-night, two-guest cruise is $1750, or roughly one-third of a Kaiburr Crystal.

Disney’s most familiar foray into Star Wars-themed drinks may be the blue milk guzzled by Luke Skywalker in the 1977 original film. It can be found at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and is a non-dairy, plant-based drink offered at a far more reasonable $7.99.

[h/t Gizmodo]