Stroll Through 1960s Dublin With This Remastered Video

If you've ever wished to experience Dublin in the 1960s, watch the footage below. The eight-minute clip of Ireland's capital city has been colorized and remastered in high definition.
Dublin, Ireland 1960s in color [60fps,Remastered] w/sound design added
Dublin, Ireland 1960s in color [60fps,Remastered] w/sound design added / NASS

Like much of the world, Ireland went through a political and cultural transition in the 1960s. This was most apparent in the country’s capital. Throughout the decade, Dublin hosted famous musicians, movie stars, and world leaders who helped shape the latter half of the 20th century. The city was looking ahead to the future, but the historic charm of its old-fashioned pubs and religious traditions was still part of its DNA. For a better idea of what Dublin was like in the 1960s, check out the video above.

The video restoration YouTube channel NASS uploaded this retouched footage on January 5. It shows the heart of Ireland’s capital city teeming with vintage buses and pedestrians dressed in mid-century garb. Grafton Street, O’Connell Street, Temple Bar, and Trinity College are a few of the famous landmarks captured in the eight-minute clip. Though many of the buildings are still there for visitors to see, the city’s street traffic and fashion scene look a lot different today.

NASS edited the original footage from CIE Dublin Bus before sharing the version here. It has been sharped, brightened, cleaned, stabilized, and boosted to 60 frames per second. Color and sound were added for ambiance; neither element is true to the actual historical recording. 

If you need a break from modern life, watching this video uninterrupted may be enough to convince your brain you’re strolling through Dublin in the 1960s. For a trip even deeper into this past, check out this colorized, 4K footage of New York City taken in the early 20th century.