Think Your Kid Is Cute Enough to Be the Next Gerber Baby? Applications Are Now Open

Just look at those arm rolls.
Just look at those arm rolls. / mmg1design/iStock via Getty Images

At 14 months old, Zane Kahin has tendered his resignation as Gerber’s “Chief Growing Officer” and is moving on to bigger and better playpens. So, as PennLive reports, the company is now on the hunt for someone to fill his spot.

The next Gerber Spokesbaby must be somewhere between one day and 4 years old and “have a playful smile that can light up any room.” An “irresistible giggle” and “undeniably lovable personality” aren’t required, but they will help set your baby apart during the selection process.

In order to apply, you have to submit a photo and video (20 seconds or less) of your child that you took yourself and didn’t edit or filter at all. Your baby has to be smiling and wearing clothes, but their outfit—or anything else in the footage—cannot “prominently feature” logos or other trademarked or copyrighted material.

The Spokesbaby isn’t just a figurehead. Over the course of a year, they’ll be expected to complete a handful of media interviews and other appearances; as well as partake in the creation of content that will get shared across Gerber’s social media channels. As “Chief Taste Tester,” they’ll also sample and give feedback on new Gerber food items. The gig comes with a one-time $25,000 paycheck, and Gerber will donate another $25,000 to the March of Dimes.

If you think your little one would be perfect for the role, you can apply here through Thursday, April 14. And if you've got more than one bundle of joy, that’s fine, too—twins, triplets, and other multiples are welcome to toss their tiny knit caps into the ring.

[h/t PennLive]