12 Fun and Functional Gifts for the Singer in Your Life

These could technically be used at the same time.
These could technically be used at the same time. / (Game) Spontuneous/Amazon; (Portable recording booth) Iconic Mars/Amazon
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’Tis the season to shower the songster in your life with things that will let them know how much you appreciate that they love to belt out tunes. These best gifts for singers will help them hone their craft, share it with others, or just have fun with it.

1. Annual MasterClass Membership; $180

Though MasterClass doesn’t offer a monthly subscription option, an annual membership is billed monthly—$15 a month (and $180 in total) for the lowest tier. With it, the subscriber gains access to all 150 or so classes across 11 categories, from food to music. There’s plenty to keep singers busy in their own realm, including singing lessons from Christina Aguilera; “the voice as an instrument” from Mariah Carey; and separate songwriting offerings taught by John Legend, Alicia Keyes, and St. Vincent.

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2. TONOR Wireless Microphone; $110

tonor wireless microphones
Perfect for karaoke duets. / TONOR/Amazon

Professional emcees, karaoke DJs, and audio engineers have all blessed these battery-powered wireless microphones with five-star Amazon reviews. They work as far as 200 feet away from the receiver, meaning practically no party is too large to devolve into a full-scale karaoke extravaganza if you have a couple of these mics on hand.

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3. JYX Karaoke Machine With Microphones; $120

jyx karaoke machine
Party in a box. / JYX/Amazon

But if you really want to encourage someone’s penchant for karaoke, there’s no better time than the holidays to spring for a full-fledged karaoke machine. This one from JYX features two wireless microphones and a bluetooth speaker that’s only about a foot tall, so it won’t take over anyone’s living room. (Except maybe when it’s in use—it does feature multicolored LED lights.)

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4. Spontuneous Song Game; $26

spontuneous board game
Talent not required, but it is appreciated. / Spontuneous/Amazon

Spontuneous gives singers a chance to showcase their chops and their ample arsenal of memorized songs at the same time. Players jot down several separate words and then take turns reading one aloud to the group. Whoever sings a lyric that features that word first gets to move forward on the (treble clef–shaped) board. Certain spaces require you to draw a wildcard, which may involve making up choreography, making up a new rule, or another goofy activity to ratchet up the fun factor.

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5. Traditional Medicinals Throat Coat Herbal Tea, Pack of 3; $20

traditional medicinals throat coat tea
Throats love this stuff. / Traditional Medicinals/Amazon

Traditional Medicinals Throat Coat herbal tea—featuring slippery elm bark and licorice root—isn’t just for people in the throes of a respiratory illness. Singers swear by its soothing effects on the throat, and some Amazon reviewers even said they don’t sing without downing a cup of Throat Coat beforehand.

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6. Major Scale Musical Wine Glasses, Set of 2; $68

major scale musical wine glasses
The top few notes require quite a heavy pour. / Uncommon Goods

This set of two crystal wine glasses adds a musical element to every gathering: Singers will no doubt enjoy trying to match each note played on the rim with their own voices as they slowly down their drinks.

Buy it: Uncommon Goods

7. TOMBO P-13E Pitch Pipe; $18

pitch pipe
An a cappella singer's staple. / TOMBO/Amazon

Speaking of matching notes, a pitch pipe is a must-have for the vocally gifted. This pocket-sized plastic pipe features protruding blowholes so you don’t have to slide a mouthpiece around every time you want to hit a different pitch.

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8. JBL Clip 4 Portable Bluetooth Speaker; $70

JBL Clip 4
It's not afraid to get a little wet. / JBL/Amazon

A cappella may be the most classic way to sing in the shower, but there’s no reason not to belt along to one’s favorite song in the age of waterproof bluetooth speakers. The JBL Clip 4 comes with a USB-C charging cable and delivers up to 10 hours of music when fully charged. The built-in carabiner makes it easy to hang off a shower curtain rod or shower caddy. And there’s of course no reason this portable speaker needs to stay in the shower: It’s also an ideal sound system for beach days, camping trips, and any number of other activities.

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9. DuoMuo Vinyl Record Coasters; $12

DuoMuo vinyl record coasters
No record scratches or skids here. / DuoMuo/Amazon

Singers, just like everyone else, need something to protect their fine furniture from water rings—so why not gift them some coasters that reflect their musical passions? This DuoMuo set of six gets stacked in a tiny decorative record player, and the underside of each coaster features a rubber disc that will prevent it from slipping on the table.

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10. BELTBOX Vocal Dampener; $50

beltbox vocal dampener
It's cooler than it looks. / BELTBOX/Amazon

If you buy your opera-singing neighbor the BELTBOX vocal dampener this holiday season, they might consider the gesture more passive-aggressive than thoughtful—and hey, maybe that’s exactly what you want. Basically, the gadget muffles sounds by some 30 decibels, so singers can rehearse in thin-walled rooms, at bus stops, and wherever else they need to without vexing everyone in the area. Great for singers who don’t have easy access to a soundproof booth every time they need to belt it out.

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11. Iconic Mars Comet Portable Recording Isolation Booth; $100

iconic mars portable recording isolation booth
Stretching the bounds of the word 'booth.' / Iconic Mars/Amazon

Also great for booth-less singers is this portable isolation booth that will allow them to record studio-quality vocals without sound-proofing a whole room. They just slot the foam cover over their microphone, and it will keep out ambient noise and echos. It also comes with a pop filter, which prevents popping noises that occur when singing (or speaking) plosive consonants like P and B.

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12. Musician’s Theory of Relativity Joke T-Shirt; $19

e = f flat punny t-shirt
Only musicians know. / Tripping Yarns/Amazon

What better way to broadcast one’s ability to read music than by sporting a shirt with a nerdy joke about two enharmonic (read: same pitch, different names) notes? This one comes in men’s, women’s, and children’s sizes; and color options include black, navy, asphalt, heather gray, and heather blue.

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