You Can Now Shop at Goodwill Online

Goodwill now lets you browse virtually.
Goodwill now lets you browse virtually. / Spencer Platt/GettyImages

For decades, shoppers have visited Goodwill stores to donate, find household goods and apparel at fair prices, or both. Sometimes people even discover amazingly valuable items, like a Picasso print. But not everyone has a Goodwill location with its familiar blue bins nearby. If that’s been your issue, the organization has a solution: They’ve opened up an online thrift store available to anyone with an internet connection.

According to NPR, Goodwill Industries International recently launched, a clearinghouse for thrifty items like clothing, electronics, books, and toys. More than 100,000 products are listed, with more to come.

Goodwill was founded in 1902 by Boston resident Edgar J. Helms, a minister who wanted to distribute unwanted goods to underprivileged areas of the city. Goodwill relies on donations to fund efforts to provide job training and placement. According to the company, over 126,000 people landed employment in 2020 thanks in part to services provided by Goodwill.

Their online presence doesn’t currently accept donations of goods: You’ll still have to drop those off in person. The company’s auction site,, is still in operation. For a behind-the-scenes take, read a few secrets of thrift store employees.

[h/t NPR]