Frosted Grape Pop-Tarts, a Staple of the ‘90s, Are Making a Comeback

'90s kids, rejoice.
'90s kids, rejoice. / Kellogg Company

Pop-Tarts are best served at 6:30 in the morning while waiting for the school bus to arrive. If you're too old to recreate those conditions in the year 2022, you can at least enjoy one of the classic flavors from your childhood. As People reports, Pop-Tarts is officially reviving Frosted Grape after removing the flavor from its permanent lineup in the 2000s.

Grape was introduced as one of the brand's original frosted flavors in 1967. Though it never reached the same level of consumption as other fruity varieties like Strawberry, Frosted Grape achieved peak popularity in the 1990s. Following the Y2K era, the flavor disappeared from shelves, only to reappear on a limited-edition basis from 2014 to 2017.

People who grew up eating the toaster pastries are adults today, and many of them still crave the discontinued item. Hoping to capitalize on Millennial and Gen Z nostalgia, Pop-Tarts is bringing back Frosted Grape for good. The flavor is coming to Walmart this month, and in May it will be available from retailers nationwide.

Pop-Tarts fans who are ready to snack like it's 1999 can share pictures of their Frosted Grape-inspired looks on Instagram. The first 50 posts featuring the hashtag #Y2GrapeEntry will win a year supply of Frosted Grape Pop-Tarts in addition to a time capsule featuring butterfly hair clips, purple jelly sandals, and other items you likely haven't seen since middle school.

Pop-Tarts is the latest brand hoping to appeal to adult fans by bringing back products from the 1990s and early 2000s. Now that purple Pop-Tarts are back on shelves, purple Ketchup from Heinz may be next in line.

[h/t People]