Quiz: Can You Guess How These Famous Figures Died?

These celebrities and historical figures made some memorable exits.
Thomas Edison.
Thomas Edison. / George Rinhart/Corbis via Getty Images (Edison), Vadim Almiev/Shutterstock (illustrated scrolls)

Whatever a person’s accomplishments in life, death tends to be a humbling experience. Attila the Hun got a nosebleed on his wedding night, which was said to have drowned him after he passed out drunk; Amelia Earhart may have been eaten by giant coconut crabs after an emergency plane landing; heath advocate Jerome Rodale expired while taping an episode of The Dick Cavett Show and extolling the virtues of an organic diet.

See if you can match the famous figures named in this quiz with their manner of death:

Some historical deaths didn’t have a definitive coroner’s report. Among the most mysterious: the fate of Edgar Allan Poe, who was found in dirty clothes and mumbling incoherently before expiring; Vincent van Gogh, whose seemingly self-inflicted gunshot wound wasn’t accompanied by any expected signs of powder burns; and Abby and Andrew Borden, whose daughter, Lizzy, was found not guilty of giving them 40 whacks with an ax. (The unknown assailant actually gave them about 29 blows with a hatchet.)

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