There are 54 Common Clichés Hiding in This Busy Museum Scene—Can You Spot Them All?

Hidden within this original image are dozens of common clichés. How many can you spot?
Eyewash for Mental Floss
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It goes without saying that at the end of the day it pays to think outside the box and erase common clichés from your vocabulary. Which doesn’t mean there isn’t a time or place for these painfully overused phrases—a.k.a. the low-hanging fruit of the language world. Like, say, in the puzzle below.

While, at first glance this image might look like a busy day at a jam-packed museum, take a closer look at the art hanging on the walls and the patrons observing it and you just may start to notice a common theme: there are dozens of common clichés illustrated and hidden within the image.

This brainteaser, created for Mental Floss by Michael Rogalski at Eyewash, contains 54 illustrated clichés just waiting to be discovered. How many can you spot? To find the full answer key, scroll ahead to the next page.