The Strange Case of Everet vs. Williams: When Two Highwaymen Took Each Other To Court
Former business partners battling it out in court isn't so unusual—unless that "business" involves robbing unsuspecting gentlemen.... READ ON
The Black Patrolmen of 1940s Memphis
Nine officers got a badge, but it didn't mean they had any authority.... READ ON
9 Facts About the ACLU
It's actually two organizations.... READ ON
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How Are Supreme Court Justices Chosen?
Since George Washington’s first appointment, 112 people have served on the highest court in the land. With the recent death of Antonin Scalia, that number will soon rise to 113.... READ ON
The Female Jiu-Jitsu Crew That Defended Women's Rights
Had the police known there was barbed wire hidden in the floral arrangements, things might have gone a little differently.... READ ON
15 Things You Should Know About Ruth Bader Ginsburg
In honor of the Notorious RBG's 83rd birthday.... READ ON
When Roddy McDowall Was Busted by the FBI for Pirating Films
In 1974, a government raid seized more than 1000 bootleg movies from the 'Planet of the Apes' star's home.... READ ON
Ruth Bader Ginsburg Writes Thank You Note to 8-Year-Old Girl
Michele Threefoot dressed up like the Supreme Court justice for her school's superhero day.... READ ON
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Are Santa's Visits Legal?
When that jolly old elf shimmies down your chimney, is he actually breaking the law?... READ ON
The Legal Reason Why Public Christmas Displays Often Feature At Least One Reindeer
When government buildings start celebrating the winter holidays, things can get complicated.... READ ON
Food Security May Soon Be a Legal Right in Scotland
It would become the second European country to guarantee a "right to food."... READ ON
Amazon to Refund Parents Whose Children Made In-App Purchases Without Permission
A federal judge ordered the company to set up a year-long payment system for the estimated $86 million in unauthorized in-app purchases made by kids.... READ ON
Judge Rules to Allow Youth Lawsuit Over Climate Change to Go to Trial
A judge ruled against the fossil fuel industry's motion to dismiss the case.... READ ON
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Is It Illegal to Take a Voting Booth Selfie?
You might want to think twice before whipping out your iPhone at the polls tomorrow.... READ ON
10 Facts About the Miranda Warning You Have the Right to Know
Not being read his rights didn't allow Miranda to go free.... READ ON
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Why Do Criminals Go “On The Lam”?
Call us mint jelly ...... READ ON

In 1728, the philosopher Voltaire got rich by outsmarting the lottery. When the French government accidentally created a raffle where the prize money was significantly larger than the cost of all the tickets combined, Voltaire and his friend formed a synd

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