How to Get Free Wendy’s Fries Every Friday Until Next Year

If you’re already treating yourself to a Frosty, why not?
Fry-yay. / Wendys

Wendy’s is capitalizing on the pun potential of the word Friday with a new deal that involves free French fries on Fridays.

As Food & Wine reports, every Friday from this coming one (April 26) through the end of the year, all Wendy’s customers are entitled to a free fry of any size. There are, however, a couple things you have to do to claim yours. First, you have to create a Wendy’s account through the Wendy’s app or website. Then you’ll be able to add the free fries offer to a mobile order or redeem it in person. Which brings us to the second thing you have to do to celebrate “FRYday”: Order something. The free fries are only available with a purchase.

Anything on the Wendy’s menu is fair game, from a refreshing lemonade or fountain drink to a burger or salad. Naturally, that includes a Frosty, which many consider the perfect dessert to dip hot and crispy fries into. (Science knows why.) Right now, your Frosty flavor options are the classic chocolate and the limited-edition Orange Dreamsicle. (Frosty machines can only handle two flavors at a time, which explains why vanilla is on hiatus for now.)

What you probably won’t be able to do is enjoy your free fries in one of Wendy’s iconic sunrooms: As anyone who’s visited the fast-food eatery in the last several years has no doubt noticed, the chain has phased them out. There are a few reasons for the change, from evolving trends to a focus on energy efficiency.

If you don’t have a Wendy’s in your area, there might still be free fries in your future: National French Fry Day is the second Friday in July (this year, that’s July 12), and various fast food chains usually celebrate it with freebies.

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