Buyers Beware: These Are the Holiday Gifts No One Really Wants

Dumb trash gifts go in the trash can.
Dumb trash gifts go in the trash can. / wenmei Zhou/DigitalVision Vectors via Getty Images

In theory, everyone should love receiving a gift. They’re symbolic of a person’s love or gratitude toward you—and they’re free. But that doesn’t stop people from winding up slightly disappointed when they unwrap something they don’t want.

And in a lot of cases, they don’t want plants.

Recently, retail solutions site Magestore commissioned a survey on which gifts Americans find undesirable. The poll queried 1122 respondents from across the country on unwanted gifts, why they disliked them, and the person they’d least like to receive the crummy gift from.

Topping the list is a gift of flowers or plants, with 42 percent of those surveyed declaring it their least appealing gift. Because plants are usually incorporated into home décor, it appears gift recipients find trying to fit them into an existing design irritating. (That, or they simply don’t want to be “gifted” a commitment to care for them.)

Next were beauty products, with 40 percent of subjects opting out of personal care items. Again, because they’re so highly individual, it’s difficult to successfully get what someone might want and probably already has plenty of.

Also making the list: liquor; pet products; books; fitness products; and clothing. Gifts they least minded getting? Household items and tech.

Nearly half of subjects responded that having a partner give them a lousy present was the most disappointing, followed by parents and best friends.

Bummed you might have already committed a gifting faux pas? Respondents said that unwanted gifts are often regifted or donated, meaning that they'll find a happy home eventually.

[h/t Magestore]