A New Line of Lisa Frank Blenders Will Take Your Kitchen Back to the ‘90s

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Your opportunities to use Lisa Frank-branded gear diminish once you leave school. The artist is known for her technicolor notebooks and folders, but you can find more grown-up swag sporting her signature style if you know where to look. For adult '90s kids looking to add some pizazz to their routine, BlendJet now offers a line of portable blenders inspired by Lisa Frank, which you can see here.

The collaboration reimagines the BlendJet 2 in three new designs inspired by the school supplies of your youth. The first item in the collection features an eye-popping rainbow cheetah print pattern (which looks to be sold out right now). If you're looking for something even more retro, the mini blender also comes in a colorful tie-dye look. Rounding out the trio is a simple rainbow fade design.

Cheetah print Lisa Frank blender.
Lisa Frank blender. / BlendJet
Tie die Lisa Frank blender.
Lisa Frank blender. / BlendJet
Lisa Frank blender.
Lisa Frank blender. / BlendJet

The BlendJet 2 is built to work wherever you need it, whether that's your kitchen countertop or office space. The small blender is powerful enough to whip up a variety of drinks, including frozen lattes on the go. That means you can indulge your inner child while feeding the caffeine dependency you've developed since middle school.

The Lisa Frank blenders are available to purchase exclusively from BlendJet.com for $59.95 apiece. If you're looking for more ways to make your home look like the inside of your locker from the '90s, there's plenty of Lisa Frank merchandise out there for older fans, including makeup and apparel.