'Rowdy' the Cat, At Large for Weeks at Boston's Airport, Has Finally Been Apprehended

A composite image of the fugitive.
A composite image of the fugitive. / Oleksander Shchus/iStock via Getty Images

In recent weeks, travelers and employees at Boston’s Logan Airport have seen a creeping black blur darting in and out of spaces. Before it could be more closely inspected, it was gone.

Now, airport officials have announced the specter has been cornered. Her name is Rowdy, and for nearly a month, the elusive cat had been calling Logan Airport home.

According to Travel + Leisure, 4-year-old Rowdy became a non-native species in the terminal when her owners were returning from Germany. Rich Sahli was flying home with his wife, Patty, after serving 15 years in the military. After the plane landed, Rowdy managed to escape from her crate and disappeared into the airport.

“I went to the cargo area and they said, ‘Oh, do you have a black cat?'" Patty Sahli told NBC 10 Boston in June. When she said she did, “They said, ‘Well, we don't know where she is right now.”

After fleeing, Rowdy made periodic appearances in sight of humans but avoided contact. To help locate her, airport officials set out food, safe-release traps, and cameras, all to little effect. But this week, employees managed to pick up Rowdy in one of the traps (she may have had her will to remain free reduced by hunger or fatigue).

The cat is currently being held by Animal Rescue League of Boston. Presuming she doesn't opt for another layover, she’s expected to be reunited with her family in Florida over the weekend.

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