Can You Guess the Celebrity From One Pixelated Picture? Meet Lookdle, the Wordle Alternative for Pop Culture Fans

Would you have guessed Helen Mirren on the first try?
Would you have guessed Helen Mirren on the first try? / Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images (Pixelation via PineTools)

Having a seemingly encyclopedic knowledge of celebrity names and faces is good for at least a couple things. If you see a semi-incognito star walking down the street, for example, you’ll probably recognize them faster than your companions. And every time you watch a movie or TV show with friends, you can impress (or annoy) them by listing all the character actors’ names and the stuff they’ve acted in before.

Now, there’s finally a Wordle-type game created to suit your skillset: Lookdle, which shows you an extremely pixelated image of a celebrity and gives you five tries to guess who it is. The pixels get smaller with each wrong guess, so by your final attempt, you’ll be working off a much clearer (but still pretty blurry) photo. If you’re not great at spelling, don’t worry: The box where you enter guesses is a dropdown menu. As long as you type in the person’s first name correctly (or even part of their first name), you can scroll until you find the one you’re looking for. This tactic also comes in handy when you simply can’t remember the person’s surname at all.

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Helen Mirren pixelated on Lookdle
The dropdown menu helps. / Lookdle

According to a press release, the celebrities are chosen from a list that only includes actors and musicians, but “plans are afoot to create country-specific versions, expand game modes, and span different subject matters such as art and historical figures.”

In the meantime, you can hone your skills by playing past Lookdles here—or checking out Artle, Heardle, and a few dozen other Wordle alternatives.