Quiz: Can You Match the Song to the Movie That Featured It?

Hit movies make for hit songs.
Brightstars/E+/Getty Images (sheet music), Notbad/Shutterstock and SurfsUp/Shutterstock (tv and popcorn graphics)

Though it’s hard to pinpoint the exact film or date, at some point in the 1960s Hollywood realized that there was money to be made in licensing original or preexisting songs for movie soundtracks. Rock ’n roll had been present in movies in the 1950s, but films like Easy Rider and The Graduate blared tunes that became hits, a practice that’s continued ever since. It’s hard to catch a Celine Dion song and not think of Titanic.

See if you can name which movie is best associated with these hit songs.

The earliest days of the motion picture industry consisted of silent films that were accompanied by live or prerecorded music. It may not have been strictly for art’s sake: Because moving images were a novelty, some may have felt music helped people relax and embrace the new art form. Music may have also helped mask the sound of noisy projectors.

Later on, genres like jazz and synth-pop expanded the breadth of musical accompaniment. But nothing seems to be quite as resonant in pop culture as a vocalist: Whitney Houston’s album for her 1992 film The Bodyguard remains the bestselling film soundtrack of all time, with 44 million copies sold worldwide.

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