The 20 Most Expensive Baseball Parks in America

The Chicago Cubs are costly.
The Chicago Cubs are costly. / Jamie Squire/GettyImages

Baseball is back, and that means people will soon be living out the lyrics to “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” in ballparks across the country. What such an outing will cost them, however, depends on where they are.

Time2play recently analyzed data from all the Major League Baseball (MLB) stadiums to find out which teams were most expensive to see at home games in 2021. When it comes to ticket prices alone, the Boston Red Sox topped the list with an average cost of $61.71. But as many baseball fans will tell you, simply sitting in the stadium isn’t the full experience: You have to indulge in at least one trip to the concession stand. With that in mind, Time2play also factored in the average price of two beers and a hot dog—plus parking—for a more comprehensive financial picture of a trip to the ballpark.

Overall, an afternoon at Wrigley Field to watch the Chicago Cubs will cost you roughly $110, more expensive than any other location on the list. The Red Sox’s Fenway Park, in third place, is about $9 cheaper than that; and New York’s Yankee Stadium sits between the two, with an average price tag of just under $103.

New York and Chicago had two other MLB teams in the top 20, too: The Mets came in eighth place with $77.50, while the White Sox landed in 11th with $72.10. Unsurprisingly, teams situated in expensive cities tend to be pricier to see. The Washington Nationals, San Francisco Giants, and Houston Astros all fell within the top 10.

If you’re looking for more affordable options, head to Florida. The Tampa Bay Rays and Miami Marlins were both at the bottom of the list, with average costs around $50. The only team that runs cheaper is the Arizona Diamondbacks, which you can see for about $46 (again, complete with food, drinks, and parking).

Peruse the top 20 below. For the whole list—including how prices have fluctuated since 2019—check out Time2play’s full study here.

  1. Chicago Cubs // $110.17
  2. New York Yankees // $102.70
  3. Boston Red Sox // $101.36
  4. Washington Nationals // $99.42
  5. San Francisco Giants // $89.72
  6. Houston Astros // $87.36
  7. Philadelphia Phillies // $79.06
  8. New York Mets // $77.50
  9. Texas Rangers // $77.42
  10. Oakland Athletics // $76.97
  11. (Tie) Chicago White Sox // $72.10
  12. (Tie) Los Angeles Dodgers // $72.10
  13. St. Louis Cardinals // $68.70
  14. Kansas City Royals // $66.57
  15. Milwaukee Brewers // $66.21
  16. Baltimore Orioles // $65.71
  17. Seattle Mariners // $63.96
  18. Cleveland Guardians // $62.28
  19. Atlanta Braves // $61.39
  20. Minnesota Twins // $58.79