The Most Popular Stephen King Movie in Each State

Stephen King.
Stephen King. / James Leynse/GettyImages

Few authors enjoy the name recognition of Stephen King, who has spent nearly 50 years terrifying readers and moviegoers alike with works like Carrie, It, and The Shining.

According to new data collected by USDish conducted by USDish, a Dish Network satellite distributor, there may be some regional preferences for King’s works.

Culling the 15 best-reviewed King adaptations on Rotten Tomatoes and then analyzing Google Trends, USDish compiled the most-searched King-inspired movies in each state.

A map of the most-searched Stephen King films is pictured
Stephen King's most-searched films by state. / Courtesy of USDish

It Chapter Two (2019) was the most popular in 12 states, likely because it’s one of the latest and highest-profile King films to hit the big screen. That movie's predecessor, It (2017), comes in second, while Misery (1990) and The Mist (2007) occupy third and fourth place, respectively. While The Shining took only one state, it’s Colorado, where the story’s haunted Overlook Hotel is located. And in King’s home state of Maine, 1994’s sleeper hit The Shawshank Redemption comes out on top.

USDish is in a King mood. The company is continuing their annual tradition of offering one lucky King fan the opportunity to earn $1300 for watching 13 of the author’s movie adaptations and taking notes on their reactions. The deadline to submit your name is September 16.