10 of the Most Valuable Barbie Accessories

Vintage Barbie accessories can be worth just as much as the dolls.
Vintage Barbie accessories can be worth just as much as the dolls. / Ian Waldie/GettyImages

Even though Barbie debuted in 1959, she still remains as popular as ever with fans young and old. As fascination with Greta Gerwig’s upcoming Barbie movie grows, it’s also spurred many of us to revisit the old Barbie gear we still have in storage. If you’re in the same boat, you might be wondering how much it’s all worth today. 

BonusFinder.com, a casino review portal, recently took a look at the most valuable Barbies on the market. After analyzing sales figures from Barbiedb.com, they found that the original Barbie #1 is by far the most lucrative, with a potential resale worth of up to $27,500. Others—like the 2006 Dahlia Barbie and the 1997 Happy Holidays Barbie Brunette—can go for anywhere between $1201 and $2423, depending on the doll and its condition.

Beyond the individual dolls, the site also took a look at the decades that produced the most prized items and determined that Barbies from the ‘50s, ‘60s, ‘70s, and ‘80s are among the most coveted by collectors. “As popularity and availability increases, the resale value goes down,” Fintan Costello, managing director at BonusFinder.com, said in a statement. “As a rule of thumb, the older the Barbie, the more she’ll be worth—especially in mint or good condition.” 

But what about her accessories? Many of them—including her clothes, cars, and various homes—can be worth hundreds of dollars or more. Not only that, but as as Costello pointed out, a lack of accessories could impact your bottom line. “When looking to sell your Barbie dolls, or any collectible for that matter, always check other listings to make sure your Barbie comes with all of the extra items she should—if not, value may decrease significantly,” he noted.

With all of that in mind, below are some of the most valuable Barbie accessories to resell, from 1990’s Magical Mansion to exclusive doll stands, and more.

Barbie’s Magical Mansion (1990)

Most valuable Barbie accessories: Barbie's Magical Mansion (1990)
The bathroom vanity, canopy bed and fireplace all light up, too. / Courtesy of ledhead724 / eBay

While it may not be Barbie #1, Barbie’s Magical Mansion from 1990 has sold for up to $2800 on eBay. It’s hard to know exactly why this is so treasured, but it’s likely because of its working electronics. You’ll get a ringing telephone and doorbell—all a must for a busy Barbie household.

Barbie #1 Stand (1959)

Yes, you read that right. If the only thing remaining of Barbie #1 in your home is her stand, you could still rake in up to about $3500 on eBay. The buyer will need to imagine the O.G. Barbie there (although original dolls with the stand can go for as much as $9500 on the site).

Japanese-Exclusive Barbie Fashion (1959-1972)

You may already know the original Barbie was made in Japan. In fact, Barbies from 1959 to 1972 have “Made in Japan” or “Japan” stamped on their feet. There were also outfits made for the Japanese market, called “Japanese Exclusives.” Those outfits are worth a lot of money and have sold on eBay for as much as $1900.

Barbie Loves McDonald’s Playset (1982)

Most valuable Barbie accessories: Barbie Loves McDonald's Playset
Beanie Babies collectors probably wouldn't be too surprised by this. / Courtesy of reno-3400 / eBay

Who knew McDonald’s-themed toys could bring in so much money? The Barbie Loves McDonald’s set from 1982 comes with 32 pieces and everything you need for a fast-food picnic, including a soda fountain, cash registers, and even containers for Big Macs and French fries. If you have one, you can afford a lot of fast food runs, as this set has recently sold around $300 on eBay.

Barbie Real Mink Stole (1964)

Most valuable Barbie accessories: Barbie Real Mink Stole (1964)
It would never happen today, which is part of why it's so valuable. / eBay

Animal rights activists, hide your eyes: In 1964, Barbie got her own real mink stole. It was sold exclusively at Sears for between $8 to $10 (worth about $69 to $87 in 2023), and now, is incredibly hard to find. If you happen to come across one in your attic, you could sell it on eBay for around $2000 or more.

Barbie Hostess Gift Set (1965)

Most valuable Barbie accessories: Barbie Hostess Gift Set (1965)
Midcentury modern style never looked so cute. / Courtesy of karinscloset / eBay

What better way to prepare Barbie for a dinner party than with a hostess gift set? Released in 1965, this Sears-exclusive set packages together the “Invitation to Tea” and “Barbie Learns to Cook” outfits, along with just about everything a doll needs to serve her guests. You could receive up to $950 (or possibly more) for this set on eBay. Items from the set, such as the outfits, are also prized on their own and have been sold for $100 and more.

Barbie Vanity and Bench Set (2004)

Giving off a distinctive French vibe, this 2004 Barbie vanity and bench set has sold for up to $500 on eBay. Designed with wood, golden accents, delicate curves, and formal styling, it’s no wonder Barbie fans can’t resist this vanity set’s ooh-lah-lah vibe. 

Coca-Cola Soda Barbie Fountain Set (2000)

Most valuable Barbie accessories: Coca-Cola Soda Barbie Fountain Set (2000)
Selling this throwback set could throw your bank account into the black. / Courtesy of chicagobarbiewarehouse / eBay

When Barbie needs an ice-cold refreshment, what does she turn to? Coca-Cola, of course! Released in 2000, this set features reproductions of classic soda fountain memorabilia, including a soda dispenser, a jukebox, Coca-Cola bottles, and more. You can resell it on eBay for $300 and above, as long as it’s a complete set.

Barbie Volkswagen Microbus (2002) 

A doll’s got to get around, right? A throwback from the 1960s (but released in 2002), the Barbie Volkswagen Microbus is a must-have for collectors. It comes with a working sliding door, a car seat for a Kelly doll, a pretend CD player with two toy CDs, and more. With all the accessories included, you can sell it for between $200 to $400 on eBay.

Barbie Dream House (1978)

Most valuable Barbie accessories: Barbie Dream House (1978)
The 1978 Barbie Dream House features a unique A-frame roof, which sets it apart. / Courtesy of nvissering / eBay

Every Barbie needs a home of her own. The 1978 Barbie Dream House was made with an A-frame style roof and has an abundance of cool features and fun accessories inside, including planters and working doors and windows. Depending on how complete your set is, you can sell it on eBay for anywhere from $150 to $600, or potentially more if you include extra Barbie accessories.

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