Happy Mario Day 2022, Nintendo Fans: Celebrate With LEGO Sets Based on the Franchise

Discover LEGO's Adventures with Mario Starter Course set.
Discover LEGO's Adventures with Mario Starter Course set. / LEGO
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To many people, March 10 is just another ordinary day. However, for Nintendo fans, the date holds a special meaning. Enthusiasts of the video game company will know it as Mario Day, also written as Mar10 to look like the fictional Italian plumber’s name. To celebrate, LEGO has curated a selection of its sets based on the franchise, with some special surprises along the way.

LEGO has many sets ready for Mario fans to build, but the best way to get started is with the 231-piece Adventures with Mario Starter Course for $60. The set is a great first project in the Nintendo LEGO universe because it connects and is often required for the expansion sets. Fans can earn virtual coins, interact with different blocks, and enjoy the included reactive LEGO Mario figure. The character has LCD screens for his eyes and mouth that make over 100 different facial expressions and speakers that play sounds and music from the video game. There’s even a screen on his belly to show coins earned. The actual course comes with a start pipe, a “?” block, cloud platforms, a goal pipe, and more. Mario is also joined in the set by toy figures of Bowser Jr. and a Goomba.

Close-up of an Adventures with Mario Starter Course on a table.
Adventures with Mario Starter Course / LEGO

If you (for whatever reason) prefer Luigi, there’s also a starter course starring Mario's verdant brother for $60 that you can attach to expansion sets. Or, if you simply can’t choose between the two characters, you can get both starter courses as a bundle for $120. There are also two bundles—Mario’s Beach Blast bundle ($150) and Luigi’s Mansion Madness bundle ($210)—that each have a starter course based on the character and expansion scenes, and are only available at LEGO.com.

In addition to the bundles, if you spend $40 or more on the LEGO Super Mario collection through Thursday, March 24, the brand will gift you a free Fuzzy and Mushroom Platform expansion set. Fans can also look forward to a reactive LEGO figure of Princess Peach and a starter course and expansion scenes based on her, which will be released in August 2022 (but sadly, are not currently available for pre-order).

Head over to LEGO to check out the latest Mario starter courses and expansion sets to continue any adventure.