The Digital Text2Color Tool Helps You Find the Perfect Shade

Red is anger, green is envy, but what color is anger and envy together?
Better than a mood ring.
Better than a mood ring. / carduus/DigitalVision Vectors/Getty Images

There are certain widely accepted pairings of moods and colors: red for anger, green for envy, blue for tranquility, etc. But the human spectrum of emotions is probably as broad as the color spectrum, and capturing your whole cocktail of feelings at any given moment in one perfect shade is a little harder than choosing between red and blue.

Text2Color, as BoingBoing reports, is an entertaining tool that can do it for you. Basically, you type in a description and it’ll give you a color that corresponds to it. What if you’re mad but calm about it? What color evokes anxious excitement, quixotic love, or egomaniacal greed? If nothing else, Text2Color is a fun way to explore the extent of your own creativity in smashing various adjectives and nouns together.

It might also be useful for verbally inclined people working on a design-centric project; if you can come up with words that match the vibe you’re going for, Text2Color can do the harder task of finding the right hue. It also gives you the hex code, which you can plug into whatever design platform you’re working in.

We plugged in the names of some obscure colors just to see if Text2Color was familiar with them. It did pretty well, nailing zaffre (an ancient blue pigment similar to cobalt), glaucous (a pale, grayish blue), and melichrous (a honey shade). But lusty gallant (a Tudor dance that later became the name of a pale coral shade) really tripped it up.

You can experiment with Text2Color yourself here.

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