Oscar Mayer Is Looking for New Wienermobile Drivers—Here’s How to Apply

Job openings for the Wienermobile are scarce.
Job openings for the Wienermobile are scarce. / John Lamparski/GettyImages

The Batmobile. James Bond’s Aston Martin. The Wienermobile. All iconic vehicles that have a place in popular culture, but few get the opportunity to actually drive one.

If Oscar Mayer declares you fit for Wienermobile duty, now you can.

The company recently announced its annual call for drivers to steer their small fleet of Wienermobiles, the hot dog-shaped vehicles that draw cheers and puzzled looks as they traverse the country. Those looking to raise brand awareness for hot dogs will need to be graduating college seniors with a valid driver’s license, passionate about driving a novelty car, and willing to visit 20 states and cover 200,000 miles over the span of a year.

“Applicants should have a BA or BS, preferably in public relations, journalism, communications, advertising, or marketing, though applicants are not limited to these degrees,” the company writes on their website [PDF]. The salary is described as “competitive” but not disclosed.

The Wienermobile dates back to the 1930s, when Oscar Mayer’s nephew Carl suggested his uncle build a 13-foot-long mobile hot dog for promotional purposes. Eligible drivers receive training at Hot Dog High in Madison, Wisconsin; passengers are said to ride “shotbun.”

Because there are only 12 slots, competition is fierce: Oscar Mayer asserts that their acceptance rate of less than 1 percent makes it more competitive than Harvard admissions, a nice little fact that may help when your parents ask what you’re now doing for a living. If you want to apply, applications will be accepted through January 31.

[h/t CNN]