What’s the Deal With This New 'Seinfeld'-Inspired Coffee Collection?

Monk's Café appeared in nearly every episode of 'Seinfeld.'
Monk's Café appeared in nearly every episode of 'Seinfeld.' / Getty Images
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There are several contenders for the most iconic food featured on Seinfeld, from the big salad to the chocolate babka. But when it comes to which consumable good received the most airtime during the sitcom's nine-season run, coffee takes the cake. Now, you can pretend your home is Monk's Café with this limited-edition Seinfeld coffee collection curated by the subscription service Bean Box.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the collection features four 1.8-ounce bags of ground or whole beans from independent roasters, and each blend takes its name from a different Seinfeld character.

Jerry’s Diner Blend is a Brazilian coffee featuring hints of chocolate, brown sugar, and roasted almonds. Kramer’s Giddy Up wakes you up with a tropical fruit-infused Ethiopian coffee blend. Coffee drinkers who prefer a “dark and toasty” taste will love George’s Serenity Now, and connoisseurs who want a bit of cinnamon in the morning will enjoy Elaine’s Little Kicks.

Seinfeld coffee collection.
Start your day with Kramer’s Giddy Up blend. / Bean Box

The $28 Seinfeld Coffee Collection is available for preorder from Bean Box's website, with orders projected to arrive by June 14. If you're looking for something to watch while you drink your beverage, check out this glorious two-hour compilation of Seinfeld bloopers.

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