Can You Spot the Hidden Flags in This Vacation-Themed Brainteaser?

If you have experience spotting red flags in travel partners, you may do well with this brainteaser. See if you can find the three red flags and two beige ones hidden throughout the scene in 3 minutes or less.
There are five flags hidden in this image. How long does it take you to spot them all?
There are five flags hidden in this image. How long does it take you to spot them all? / Ocean Florida

A vacation is only as pleasant as the people you spend it with. A travel partner who’s as polite, organized, and flexible as you are can turn your time away from home into an unforgettable experience. A difficult companion, on the other hand, may have you counting down the days to your return flight even before you arrive at your destination. If this scenario sounds familiar, then you’ll enjoy this travel-themed brainteaser from Ocean Florida

Packing brainteaser
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The scene above shows a traveler packing everything they might need for an eventful trip, including passports, gadgets, and snorkel gear. There are also five flags hidden throughout the image: three red flags and two beige ones.

According to the travel website, more than one in five people experience a short-term fallout with their companions while traveling. Some bad vacation behaviors that may cause tension include overindulging in alcohol, disrespecting service workers, and going barefoot on the flight. Hopefully you're just as good at spotting red flags in potential travel partners as you are at finding them here.

It takes the average person 38 seconds to identify the three red flags in the image above. The beige flags are much trickier—only the sharpest-eyed players were able to pick them out in 3 minutes or less. If you're still stuck after several minutes of searching, check out the answer key at the bottom of the article.

This brainteaser may be difficult, but it's a picnic compared to planning a stress-free trip. In addition to inviting the right group of people, here are more expert tips to ensure your next vacation goes smoothly.

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