The Floatable Beach Chalice of Your Dreams Is Here—And It's Just $13

This neat little glass will keep your drinks from spilling in the sand.
This neat little glass will keep your drinks from spilling in the sand. / The Beach Glass / Amazon
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A day at the beach can be great and all, but you know what's arguably just as satisfying? Soaking up the sun while your drink stays nestled closely—and securely—right beside you. If your plans for the upcoming Fourth of July weekend involve lots of time spent lounging on the sand or by the pool, you might want to consider grabbing this kooky but delightful glass from Amazon.

Why? Well, for starters, there's more to it than meets the eye: The Beach Glass is designed to actually stay upright whether it's in the sand, a patch of grass, or perhaps most inexplicably, even in piles of snow (although why someone would ever want to do that, we don't know). It's also designed to float in the water, but you probably want to be poolside if you plan on putting that feature to the test, lest a strong tide were to carry it away.

Three Beach glasses in the pool.
The perfect pool party accessory? All signs point to yes. / The Beach Glass / Amazon

At just $13, this acrylic drinkware is as affordable as it is cute. You can choose from nine colors, all christened with summer-centric names like sunrise orange, teal tides, and white sands, any of which will get you counting down the days until your next big vacation. If you don't mind spending a little more, you can grab two of these shatterproof cups for $25, or grab a set of four in mixed colors for $45.

With more than 900 customer reviews on Amazon, The Beach Glass has an avid fan base. "I love these glasses for the pool," one user raved. "They float with liquid in them, and they don't tip and spill, even with waves or jets on." Several others love that you can stick them in the sand and they won't topple over, provided you don't overfill it.

Grab The Beach Glass for $13 on Amazon ahead of your next pool party or beach trip, and while you're at it, consider checking out more fun, budget-friendly pool accessories here.