Calling All Movie Fans: 'The Curious Movie Buff' Is Now on Sale

'The Curious Movie Buff' is here.
'The Curious Movie Buff' is here. / Simon & Schuster (Book) // filo/DigitalVision Vectors via Getty Images (Projector)

Do you like movies? Then find something else to read. Do you love movies? Then we’d like to interest you in our newest book-length title, The Curious Movie Buff: A Miscellany of Fantastic Films From the Past 50 Years from editor Jennifer M. Wood and the staff of Mental Floss. It’s a compendium of movie trivia, history, and lore from some of recent history’s greatest films, from Star Wars to The Big Lebowski.

'The Curious Movie Buff' is pictured
Simon and Schuster

Pore over this expansive volume in bed or by your coffee table: You’ll find details on over 60 films, including blockbusters like Black Panther and low-budget gems like Paranormal Activity. We run down the best film endings, remakes that outdo the original, and movie locations you can actually visit. Each page is brimming with information that will strengthen your movie education, impress your friends, and help you conquer your next film trivia night.

'The Curious Movie Buff' is pictured
Simon & Schuster

The Curious Movie Buff ($27.95) makes a fine holiday gift. You can find it at your favorite retailer.