Massage Your Muscles With These Best-Selling Theraguns—Now on Sale for a Limited Time

Therabody Theraguns Pro, Elite, Prime, and Mini
Therabody Theraguns Pro, Elite, Prime, and Mini / Therabody
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Everyone from professional athletes to casual joggers to office workers sprinting for the subway has likely had to deal with tight muscles at some point. And massage guns are a convenient way to help relax those aches: they use high-frequency vibration wave therapy or percussive force to get more blood flowing to the tissue to relieve pain and tightness. If you're currently on the shelf due to a sore hamstring or tight calf muscle, one of the most well-known massage gun brands, Therabody, is having a limited-time sale on its best-selling models that you may be interested in.

During this massage gun sale, you can save big on a range of Theragun models. The Theragun Pro has the most significant markdown at $150, but you can even save up to $50 on the Theragun Prime and Elite models. In addition, the portable Theragun Mini is now $40 off. Just be aware that this sale will only be running for a limited time while supplies last.

Person in snow boarding or skiing outfit using a Therabody Theragun Mini in the mountains.
Therabody Theragun Mini / Therabody

Though you can’t go wrong with any of these devices, some have better features than others, especially when it comes to price. The $159 Mini is best for those on the go and on a budget. It weighs just 1.5 pounds and features an ergonomic grip, 150 minutes of battery life, and three speed settings. It's simple, but it will likely meet the needs of those who can live without the extra bells and whistles.

As a step up, the Theragun Prime is now discounted from $299 to $249, while the Elite is on sale for $349, down from $399. The Prime and Elite both offer ergonomic multi-grip triangular handles, 120 minutes of battery life, customizable speed ranges, and five built-in speed settings. However, the Elite is a notch better if you want a quieter option with additional color choices, attachments, and 10 extra pounds of force. It also sports an OLED screen that displays how much force you're using.

Head over to Therabody to check out the different Theragun massage guns now on sale before the discount disappears.