The University of Wisconsin-Madison Is Hiring a Cheese Taste-Tester

Gang's all here.
Gang's all here. / Shana Novak/Stone/Getty Images

Few places will pay you to eat a bunch of cheese—but the University of Wisconsin-Madison is one of them.

As CNN reports, the school’s Center for Dairy Research is hiring a “descriptive sensory panelist” to add to an existing panel of taste-testing experts. The job isn’t for the dairy-averse; according to the listing, you “should expect to be tasting up to 24 cheese samples and 12 pizzas a week along with other food products.” 

You can also expect to discuss the “appearance, texture, aroma, and flavor” of each sample at length with your fellow taste-testers. While prior taste-testing experience is “preferred,” it’s not required: You’ll be duly trained on how to evaluate the products in meaningful and constructive ways.

The listing doesn’t name a beginning or end date for the gig, but it does specify that it’s temporary and part-time. The new recruit will work up to three 3-hour sessions per week, earning $15 an hour. The sessions will take place in person, so if you aren’t within commuting distance of the University of Wisconsin-Madison (or aren’t willing to move there to live out your dreams of eating cheese for cash), you might want to skip this one. The application, open through Wednesday, June 21, requires you to fill out some personal information and submit your résumé and a cover letter.

There’s another option for cheese-lovers in the area who don’t quite feel qualified for professional taste-testing. The Center for Dairy Research also enlists “consumer sensory panelists” to give feedback on dairy products from time to time. Interested parties can sign up for more information here.