Canned Wendy’s Chili Is Coming to a Supermarket Near You

Chili from Wendy's, soon available in canned form.
Chili from Wendy's, soon available in canned form. / yoppy, Wikimedia Commons // CC BY 2.0

From Taco Bell hot sauce to frozen White Castle burgers, many fast food items are available in the supermarket. Wendy’s may be the first chain of its kind to sell one of its products in a can. As USA Today reports, Wendy’s famous chili is coming to the canned goods aisle of your local grocery store.

The pre-packaged Wendy’s Chili with Beans is a collaboration between the fast food brand and the processed goods giant Conagra. Like the restaurant version, the canned foodstuff contains beef, peppers, and beans in a tomato-based sauce. It will retail for a suggested price of $4.99 when it hits stores in late spring 2023. 

Wendy’s chili occupies a unique space in the fast food world. According to the chain’s founder, Dave Thomas, the dish was conceived as a way to use up excess ground beef that couldn’t be made into hamburgers. Despite its utility, few competitors have followed Wendy’s lead in adding chili bowls (or baked potatoes) to their menu. As one of the only fast food chilis available, the hearty convenience dish has developed a cult following with customers.

Wendy’s has a long history of pioneering in its industry. Between adding chili to its restaurant menus and launching a canned version of it in stores, the company introduced the world’s first fast food salad bar. Here are more facts about the old-fashioned hamburger chain you should know.

[h/t USA Today]