The 10 Worst Places to Go on a First Date, According to Daters

“And so then he said, ‘Let's go to McDonald’s,’ and I was like ...”
“And so then he said, ‘Let's go to McDonald’s,’ and I was like ...” / Alistair Berg/DigitalVision via Getty Images

First dates are always anxiety-inducing. Will this person like me? Will I like this person? Should I tell them I’m on parole now or, wait until later? Compounding that stress: Figuring out the ideal atmosphere for those crucial first minutes of getting to know someone.

Recently, UK bingo site Tombola polled players to find out what their choices for the worst first-date locales were. More than 11,000 responses came in. Here’s what they consider trouble:

  1. Going to the Movies
  2. McDonald’s
  3. Staying Home
  4. Going to a Parents’ House
  5. Visiting a Restaurant
  6. Going to a Bar
  7. Going Swimming
  8. Watching Football
  9. Going to a Funeral
  10. Going to the Park

Roughly 20 percent of respondents believe going to the movies is the worst possible choice for a meet-up owing to the lack of conversation. McDonald’s took 13 percent of the vote, likely owing to its less-than-ideal date atmosphere. It somehow fared far worse than attending a funeral.

Prospective dating partners may also want to avoid extending an invitation to stay home, as it could be construed as presumptuous. Surprisingly, going to a restaurant—often a popular choice—was also viewed negatively. The stress of being expected to sit and chat for the duration of a meal can be unpleasant when things aren’t working out.

So what’s best? According to relationship experts who spoke with TODAY in 2022, keeping things simple and casual—like grabbing a coffee or drink—is best. You can also opt for a walk, a hike, or a bookstore, all of which allow for easy conversation and spares you the trouble of feeling judged over your choice of McNugget sauce.

[h/t Metro]