You Can Get Apple AirPods Pro Earbuds for Their Lowest Price of the Year

Need new earbuds? You won't want to tune out this deal.
Need new earbuds? You won't want to tune out this deal. / Apple / Anna Blazhuk, Moment Collection, Getty Images (background)
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Apple gadgets don’t go on sale often, but if you’re in the market for a pair of earbuds, you’re in luck. Over on Amazon, you can get 20 percent off on the AirPods Pro (2nd Generation), which is the lowest price we’ve seen for them since Black Friday 2022.

You’ll get some great features with the AirPods Pro (2nd Gen.). The most notable are transparency mode and active noise cancelation, which you won’t get with either the 2nd or 3rd Generation Apple AirPods wireless earbuds, each of which come with a lightning charging case. (Both models are currently sold out on Amazon, but you can grab the 2nd Gen. AirPods from Walmart for $99, as of this writing.)

With transparent mode and active noise cancelation, you can block out the world so you can be fully immersed in your tunes or favorite podcast. Additionally, the 2nd Gen. AirPods Pro earbuds feature a built-in Apple H2 headphone chip, which helps improve the audio quality and makes for a more immersive sound experience. The battery life is an improvement over early AirPods and AirPods Pro models as well: You can get up to six hours of playback, or up to 30 with active noise cancelation enabled, if you use the charging case they come with. This is about six hours longer than what you’d get with the 2nd Gen. AirPods, and also longer than what the 1st Gen. AirPods Pro set will deliver.

Additionally, Apple’s 2nd Gen. AirPods Pros are Qi-compatible (so you can use them with Qi-certified wireless chargers) and come with four silicone tips in different sizes, so you can find the fit that works best for you. According to the brand, the tips also create an acoustic seal, which helps keep unwanted noise out. This model has a 4.7-star rating and more than 14,000 reviews on Amazon, with users lauding them as “definitely an upgrade” over earlier releases, and a “big leap forward in earbud tech.”

Head to Amazon to get a pair of the 2nd Generation Apple AirPods Pro earbuds for $200, which is $49 off their usual $249 list price. And if you’re looking to stock up on other Apple accessories, you can save some money with these Amazon Basics alternatives. You can also check out some forgotten products from the brand here.

A version of this story ran in 2021; it has been updated for 2023 to reflect current prices.