Amazon Lightning Deals: Here’s What You Need to Know About This Shopping Hack

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Amazon has no shortage of sales going on at any given time, but finding a bunch in a centralized spot can be difficult. If you simply want to browse an ever-changing selection of limited-time deals, your best bet is to check out the site's Lightning Deals page. This subsection of Amazon’s Deals page features a wide selection of products that are on sale for a specific amount of time. When those deals are up, new ones take their place, so you'll always have a chance to find something you want.

Each product on the page has a timer that counts down to the end of the sale, along with a status bar that lets you know how much stock is left. And if there are multiple colors or sizes available for the sale item, you'll find that most of them—and sometimes all—will be discounted, which makes picking out new clothes even easier. To find the section quickly, click on “Today’s Deals” and then scroll down until you see the hyperlink for “Lightning Deals” on the left side under “Deal Type.”

To claim a Lightning Deal, all you have to do is click on the product page and make sure that you select the discounted price instead of the regular price before adding it to your cart. Once it’s in, you’ll have 15 minutes (or until the deal ends) to check out and claim the discounted price. When you check out, you’ll see the offer in your order summary.

Discover continuously evolving deals on top-quality products with Amazon’s Lightning Deals subsection, and make sure to check out the Movers & Shakers page for hourly trending products.

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