10 Travel-Friendly Accessories That You Need Before Your Next Vacation

Spend less time stressing during a trip with help from these top-rated accessories.
Spend less time stressing during a trip with help from these top-rated accessories. / nikkimeel / iStock / Getty Images
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Vacations are fun. Packing for one? Not so much. Fortunately, there are a slew of innovative gadgets and useful organizers that can make traveling a lot easier and (mostly) stress-free. From packing cubes to portable chargers, here are 10 of the best favorite travel accessories to snag before your next adventure.

1. BCOZZY Travel Pillow; From $35

BCOZZY Neck Pillow against white background.
BCOZZY Neck Pillow / BCOZZY / Amazon

Created with comfort in mind, this adjustable travel pillow—which has 13,000-plus five-star reviews—will help make your next plane ride less of a headache. It's made from cozy microfleece and suede and offers a unique U-shaped design that delivers optimal neck and chin support, too. Even better? It’s machine-washable. Choose from 14 colors and patterns.

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2. Bagail Travel Cubes, Pack of 6; From $20

Bagail Packing Cubes, Set of 6
Bagail Packing Cubes, Set of 6 / Bagail / Amazon

With an almost perfect 4.8-star rating on Amazon, these packing cubes from Bagail make it easy to get (and stay!) organized throughout your entire trip. The lightweight nylon cubes come in 23 colors and patterns, and you'll have three different sizes (two small, two medium, and two large) in each set, making them suitable for carry-on and checked bags.

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3. ACdream Passport and Vaccine Card Holder Combo; From $11

ACdream Passport and Vaccine Card Holder Combo in pink coming out of a bag.
ACdream Passport and Vaccine Card Holder Combo / ACdream / Amazon

Keep two of your most important documents—your passport and vaccine card—safe and secure throughout your travels with this handy RFID-blocking document holder. It’s also roomy enough to hold your credit cards, boarding passes, and cash. The faux leather fabric offers durability and style, and there are more than 25 colors to choose from.

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4. Gemice TSA-Approved Toiletry Bottles, Pack of 4; From $12

Gemice TSA-Approved Travel Bottles, Pack of 4 on a countertop.
Gemice TSA-Approved Travel Bottles, Pack of 4 / Gemice / Amazon

There’s no need to shell out money on travel-sized toiletries when you can just snag these TSA-friendly refillable silicone bottles instead. Even better? Their leakproof design helps prevent accidental spillage, ensuring your lotions and other essentials will be around when you need them, once the jet lag wears off.

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5. Bestek Universal Travel Adapter; From $38

BESTEK Universal Travel Adapter on a tabletop.
BESTEK Universal Travel Adapter / BESTEK / Amazon

With more than 8000 ratings and counting, the 4.5-star-rated Bestek universal travel adapter is ideal for international trips because it's safe to use in over 150 countries. This small-but-mighty gadget also offers four USB ports and three AC sockets, so it's good for charging up to seven devices simultaneously. The 5-foot-long power cable is also detachable, making it especially easy to pack. 

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6. Matein Electronics Travel Organizer; From $18

Matein Electronics Travel Organizer
Matein Electronics Travel Organizer / Matein / Amazon

This travel-friendly electronics organizer is water-resistant, meaning that your cords, chargers, and other valuable gadgets are less likely to be ruined if this holder gets wet. Other features that make this one worth grabbing include its multiple padded dividers and pockets (which are mesh and zippered), as well as its sturdy carrying handle.

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7. Anker Portable Charger; From $22

Anker Portable Charger against a white background.
Anker Portable Charger / Anker / Amazon

Going for a long hike or somewhere else where you probably won't have access to an outlet? Slip this Anker portable charger in your bag to keep your most important devices powered up and ready to go whenever you are. Though small in size, this sleek unit—which has over 43,000 five-star reviews on Amazon—is renowned for its powerful charging capabilities (it works with both Android and Apple gadgets). You'll get a USB cable and travel pouch with it as well.

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8. MZOO Sleep Eye Mask; $20

MZOO Sleep Eye Mask against a white background.
MZOO Sleep Eye Mask / MZOO / Amazon

Catch some zzz’s while you're in transit to your next destination with some help from this adjustable, light-blocking sleep mask. It's an Amazon fan favorite thanks to its contoured shape (which helps reduce eye pressure and strain) and memory foam padding that will add another layer of coziness. 

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9. Anvil TSA-Approved Cable Luggage Lock; From $9

Anvil TSA-Approved Cable Luggage Lock on luggage.
Anvil TSA-Approved Cable Luggage Lock / Anvil / Amazon

No built-in suitcase lock? No problem. This TSA-approved combination lock—which has amassed an overall Amazon rating of 4.7 stars—offers extra protection for your belongings. Simply thread the cable through your zipper and you'll be good to go. You can choose from various combo packs, or just get a single one for $9.

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10. Nishel Hanging Travel Toiletry Bag Organizer; From $26

Nishel Hanging Travel Toiletry Bag Organizer against white background.
Nishel Hanging Travel Toiletry Bag Organizer / Nishel / Amazon

This space-saving toiletry organizer offers multiple mesh pouches, clear pockets, and a simple zippered construction, making it an ideal holder for securely storing all of your makeup, skincare, and haircare products. Over 6000 Amazon shoppers have tried it, many of whom were impressed by how much it can store.

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