Build-A-Bear’s ‘After Dark’ Collection Puts an Adult Spin on the Classic Valentine’s Day Teddy Bear

Not your daughter's stuffed animals.
Not your daughter's stuffed animals. / Build-A-Bear
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Lest you think Build-A-Bear only exists for kids’ birthday parties, the workshop is reminding everyone that its cuddly creatures are for people of all ages and make great gifts for all holidays—including Valentine’s Day.

As CNET reports, ‘Build-A-Bear After Dark’ is an adult-targeted collection of plush products “that are sure to get you hugged,” according to a company Facebook post.

There’s a tuxedoed, sneaker-sporting lion that could take Zootopia’s suave tigers to task, and a sandy-colored teddy bear clad in naught but a pair of satin boxers and a heart-shaped headdress. He’s carrying red roses, as amorous mammals are wont to do. Another version of the boxer-wearing bear has forgone the headdress in favor of devil horns, complete with a red cape and pitchfork.

It's a face hat.
It's a face hat. / Build-A-Bear

Other characters are raising glasses and popping bottles filled with “Cabearnet,” “Mixed Beary Seltzer,” or “Pawfectly Pink Rosé.” Some are dressed in leather skirts, high-heeled boots, and/or shirts that reveal their (and maybe your) real Valentine’s priorities—from “Rosé over Roses” to “Pizza is my Valentine.” There are even bears made to smell like flower bouquets.

In keeping with Build-A-Bear’s tradition of letting you customize your furry companions, the After Dark accessories are mix-and-match. So if you’d like to swap the lion’s tuxedo for a jaunty beret and a tee that says “It’s Wine O’Clock Somewhere,” swap away.

Your move, Beanie Babies.
Your move, Beanie Babies. / Build-A-Bear

And if you’re struggling to choose whether to treat your partner to a stuffed animal or some Swarovski crystals, Build-A-Bear has the perfect solution for that, too. The ‘Red Velvet Sparkle Build-A-Bear Collectibles’ are bedazzled with authentic Swarovski crystals.

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