Cards Against Humanity Just Released Its First New Party Game in Over a Decade

All new, still offensive.
It'll be a real trip.
It'll be a real trip. / Amazon
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You can quickly find out who your more uptight friends are when playing Cards Against Humanity, the card-based party game that traffics in puerile humor. Now, the company is releasing its first full follow-up game, which promises to be just as provocative—or, in the words of the brand, “just as weird and f-cked up” as its predecessor.

Head Trip ($35) tasks players with drawing both a question and “Head” card. One player has to try and provide an answer to the question from the perspective of the Head, and then other players try to guess which of the four answers have been selected.

'Head Trip' cards pictured
How would Santa Claus respond to this prompt? Up to you to decide. / Cards Against Humanity

The Head can be anyone from Abraham Lincoln to Santa Claus to America’s first astronaut-turned-porn star-turned-president (seriously, that last one is a real card). Questions range from the meaning of life to the best part about pooing. It’s up to you to decide what Santa Claus might think about that.

Cards Against Humanity rewards players who know what the judge likes—whether it’s the silliest card or the darkest or the most shocking,” the company noted in a statement. “Head Trip builds on that idea by rewarding groups that work together to really get inside someone’s head.”

"Head Trip" cards from Cards Against Humanity are pictured.
You might learn something about yourself along the way. / Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity began in 2011 as a deck-based game in which players fill in phrases Mad Libs-style. It became a runaway hit, with more than 500,000 copies sold in its first two years despite the company making it available for people to print out online for free.

Naturally, the game is recommended for players 17 and up. Like Cards Against Humanity, this new one can also be played with a small group of three, or with 10 or more participants. You can find Head Trip for $35 on Amazon today.