This ‘Friday the 13th’ Collection Is Here to Make Your Halloween Even More Fun

Get your ‘ch ch ch ha ha ha’ on all month long with these killer finds from this ‘Friday the 13th’ collection.
Blood and guts sold separately.
Blood and guts sold separately. / / Pakin Songmor, Moment Collection, Getty Images (background)
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It might be Michael Myers’s season and all, but this October, slasher movie fans have another reason to get hyped, because as fate would have it, today happens to be Friday the 13th. And you know what that means? Sorry Mike, but it’s Jason’s time to shine.

The iconic hockey-masked killer from the Friday the 13th franchise is splattered all over this specialty assortment from You can find everything from cool hats to joggers, crewnecks, coin banks, and even ceramic planters (Mrs. Voorhees would surely approve of the latter), with prices starting well under $10.

Friday the 13th gifts: "Friday the 13th" pajamas.
These PJs will be perfect for your next 'Friday the 13th' marathon. /

There are some great selections in this Friday the 13th collection. The first thing that caught our eye was this pair of blue pajamas, which are emblazoned with the summer camp zombie’s all-too-famous visage. Available in unisex sizing from medium to 3X, this set is on sale for $40 and will pair perfectly with these slippers, which are marked down to just $19. Both will come in handy the next time you’re staying up late to rewatch one of your favorite flicks from the series (Jason Takes Manhattan, anyone? ... Don’t worry, I’ll wait).

You might get mistaken for a hipster (rather than just a gorehound) if you grab one of these retro-inspired button-ups from the site. This red, Camp Crystal Lake throwback top is decorated in black and yellow Jasons and should be pretty safe to wear around a campfire, even if you’re in mixed company. If you're looking for a bit more carnage and mayhem—and let’s be real, if you love these flicks, you probably are—then you should opt for this blue one, which features bloody machetes, meat cleavers, and well, you get the idea. Both are on sale starting at $30, so you’ll save a few extra bucks, too.

Friday the 13th gifts: "Freddy vs. Jason" ugly Halloween sweater
You're not dreaming; this $25 ugly Halloween sweater really is sick. /

On the hunt for a new ugly Halloween sweater that you could potentially wear throughout the holiday season? You’ll make your pals jealous—but potentially horrify your relatives—with this one, which takes its cues from the 2003 crossover, Freddy vs. Jason, wherein the water-logged hulk squares off against Freddy Krueger, the pun-cracking, dream-stalking villain from the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise. On sale starting at $25, this sweater is practically a steal compared to what you’d spend at Middle of Beyond (makers of some of the best pop culture-inspired ugly Christmas sweaters).

While you won’t get any of these items in time for this Friday the 13th, you’ll definitely have it before Halloween if you order from within the next few days—you can also opt for expedited shipping, with prices starting at $9. Plus, if you’re looking for Friday the 13th gifts for the Jason lover in your life, you can get your holiday shopping wrapped up pretty quickly, thanks to these fun finds. In the meantime while you’re waiting for your stuff to arrive, you can check out the true story behind Jason’s creepy whisper sound effect right here.