A Limited-Edition, Halloween-Themed Snoopy Bobblehead Just Dropped from FOCO

FOCO’s hand-painted Count Snoopy bobblehead is currently available for pre-order. Only 150 units of the product were made, so Peanuts fans have limited time to snatch up the collector’s item.
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For people whose Halloween media consumption skews more cozy than scary, It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown is essential viewing. Since premiering in 1966, the Peanuts special has aired on TV (almost) every year in October. If you want the vibe of the program to be present in your home year-round, you can now purchase a Halloween Snoopy bobblehead from FOCO.

The limited-edition collector’s item features Charlie Brown’s pet beagle decked out as Count Snoopy for Halloween. A cape, fangs, gold medallion, and devilish grin make up the spooky-ish look. He’s not wearing his classic Red Baron costume that is also featured in It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, but the seasonal special is referenced in other ways. The base of the bobblehead is the top of a large pumpkin emblazoned with the word “PEANUTS.” From top to bottom, the hand-painted figure stands 8 inches tall.

Count Snoopy bobblehead with cartoon fall background

Like the Halloween season, the chance to purchase this nostalgic collectible won’t last forever. The entertainment merchandiser FOCO manufactured 150 units of the product for purchase worldwide. The Count Snoopy bobblehead doll is currently available to pre-order for $45, but it likely won’t arrive by October 31. FOCO's website says the product will ship no later than Friday, March 1, 2024, so customers will definitely have it in time for Halloween next year. 

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