Enjoy the Campfire Experience Indoors With This S’mores Fire Pit

Delicious s’mores don’t have to be an outdoor-only treat.
First came fire, then came s'mores.
First came fire, then came s'mores. / Jena Ardell, Moment Collection, Getty Images
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While most people make camping plans to enjoy nature, for some the real appeal lies in the ability to sit around a campfire and make s’mores—those sticky sandwiches consisting of graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows skewered and toasted over a flame.

Thanks to Uncommon Goods, you don’t have to brave a tent or wash up in a stream just to satisfy your sweet tooth. Their S’mores fire pit ($155) brings the experience indoors.

Indoor S'mores Fire Pit from Uncommon Goods
S'more to love. / Patrick Fitzpatrick / Uncommon Goods

The kit consists of a small concrete roasting pit with skewers and a tray. When you’re ready to start cooking, just pour some chafing fuel (which you can get on Amazon) into the pit, light it, and enjoy the 30- to 45-minute burn time. When you’re done, use the included snuffer to put the flame out. The 17.75-inch by 7.5-inch kit also includes a glass for storing the skewers.

If you’re looking for some eclectic s’mores ingredients, you can also check out their Ultimate S’mores kit (from $50), which includes crackers, chocolate, and pretzel chips.

No one is quite sure where s’mores originated, though they may have grown in popularity following a published recipe for “some mores” in the 1927 guide Tramping and Trailing With the Girl Scouts. Ever since, people have gone to some real extremes to get their s’mores fix. In 2016, photographer Bradley Ambrose cooked one up over an active volcano in Vanuatu.