Shoppers Say This TikTok-Approved Push Broom Is Great for Getting Rid of Pet Hair

Spills don't stand a chance, either.
Spills don't stand a chance, either. / Amazon
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Tired of busting out the old vacuum every time you spot some cat or dog hair clumping up on the carpet? You can rake those rolling tumbleweeds away—for a while, anyway—with the LandHope push broom, which is available on Amazon starting at $18. But before you raise your eyebrow over the prospect of using a broom to clean a carpet, you should know that there's more to this TikTok-approved item than meets the eye.

The LandHope, which is built with rubber bristles that are designed to glide over hardwood floors and penetrate thick tufts of carpet, can gather up dust, dirt, bits of pet or human hair, and other unwanted particles in a way that makes it more efficient than a regular broom, according to the brand. Because the bristles are rubber, it's less likely to leave scratches or other telltale marks behind on your flooring. You can even use it over linoleum to cleanup after spills, as it has a squeegee edge that'll pair well with most floor-cleaning solutions; this functionality also makes it useful for clearing gunk off patios, windows, pools, and more.


More than 1500 Amazon shoppers have put it to the test, helping it earn a 4-star rating on the site. "I used this on the carpet, and I was blown away," one reviewer raved. "There was hair coming up from seemingly nowhere! I did my entire carpet, and I was amazed at how much cat hair was still left after [I'd] vacuumed."

Several users also enjoy that it has a telescoping handle (note: this version is a little pricier at $24), making it easier to clean hard-to-reach areas that even a vacuum ordinarily wouldn't hit. "[It] can be short enough for both my kid and my [6-foot-4] husband to use. That handle also makes this broom easy to store," another customer wrote. On TikTok, this innovative carpet rake is trending up in popularity as well. "We ordered this rubber dog hair broom off of Amazon... so satisfying but GROSS," wrote TikTok user tonikay22.

While it's still a good idea to have a solid vacuum (or robot vacuum) around for deeper cleaning sessions, the LandHope push broom could be a useful tool to have for those in-between periods. Get it on Amazon today starting at $18, and bring yourself one step closer to smooth, pet hair-free floors.

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